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The SDGS College Alumni Association exists to help keep alumni in touch with their alma mater, with each other, and to foster support for the University

Objectives of Alumni Association are

     To arrange lectures, seminars, debates, workshops and such other programs which would contribute for the development of Knowledge and intellectuality of the students in various subjects.

     To establish and update libraries, reading rooms, lecture halls, training centres etc. use full to the members of association and also to the students studying in the college.

     To create scholarships to the meritorious and economically poor students.

     To organize relief camps for the help of victims affected by natural calamities like cyclone, floods, fire and the like.

     To rise funds by way of donations and other means required


     Any person who is admitted as student and completes his course or discontinues the course in SDGS College of is eligible to join in this association as member such of these persons whose desire to join in association as member shall apply for membership in writing in the form prescribed by the association

SDGS COLLEGE - Alumni Registration Form

The information provided will be kept confidential.


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