Guidelines for filling up Self-Study Report (SSR):

    Extended profile contains all the questions which are basically the figures of denominators of the formulas used for calculation of various Metrics values.

    There are Tool Tips at various places in portal, such as Metrics, sub-metrics, upload, etc. which are given as guidance regarding the sort of data required to be submitted by the institution. The Tool Tip is denoted in the form of Institutions are required to go through the respective Tool Tip thoroughly before filling the data.

    The data filled should contextualize with the related metrics. There is an upload limits for the documents to be uploaded for various Metrics, if the size of the document exceeds that limit, Institution may upload the same in their own website with password protection, if required. The link of the said uploaded document should be given in the portal.

    The data of the students for Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS) has to be submitted concurrently during online submission of SSR.

    Where-so-ever ‘Asterisk Red mark’ * is indicated in the portal it should be understood as mandatory requirement.