The department of POLITICAL SCIENCE  was established in 1993. Since its inception the department  has proved its mettle as a component of this magnificent college. The department has served its purpose very well. Thousands of well qualified students  have been trained.. They formed excellent human resources of the nation. 

  1. Name of the Department : Department of POLITICAL SCI
  2.       Year of Establishment : 1993

                             The Staff who worked for this department:

                           TEACHING STAFF

Photo Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Specialization No of Years of Experience Profile
Sri.S SATYA NARAYANA Associate Professor MA.,









I Year           I Semester                              Paper – I: Basic Concepts of Political Science

  • To understand the nature, scope and importance of Political Science.
  • To enhance the knowledge of different approaches of Political Science.
  • To gain knowledge about different theories of origin, evolution and development of state.
  • To equip with the knowledge of terms like Nationality, Nationalism and Nation.
  • To gain the knowledge of different theories and kinds of rights.
  • To equip with the sufficient knowledge of different Political concepts like Citizenship, Freedom, Equality and Justice.

I Year           II Semester                 Paper – II: Political Science: Concepts theories and Institutions

  • To understand the need of Constitutional law.
  • To gain the deep knowledge of theory of separation of powers.
  • To understand and analyze the Unitary and Federal form of Government.
  • To have throughout knowledge of Democratic form of government.
  • To analyze the concepts of judicial review.

II Year          III Semester                           Paper – III: Indian Constitution

  • To gain deep knowledge of Indian National Movement at different stages.
  • To understand very composition and working principles of Constituent Assembly.
  • To thoroughly discuss the features of the Indian Constitution.
  • To expose the unitary and federal features of the Indian constitution.
  • To understand thoroughly the relations between and union and state government.

II Year          IV Semester                           Paper – IV: Indian Political Process

  • To thoroughly understand the process of modernization and its causes in India.
  • To gain knowledge of Karl Marx’s perception of transition of society from pre-capitalism to capitalism.
  • To understand various theories of caste and it’s ever change role.
  • To deep analyze the plight of down trodden community of Indian society
  • To know communalistic tensions between two religious of India.
  • To understand the nature, types and kinds of Indian party system, election process and different election outcomes.

III Year        V Semester                             Paper – V: Indian Political Thought

  • To understand sources of Indian Political thought.
  • To gain the knowledge of ideas of Manu regarding the Indian society.
  • To deeply understand the Kautilyas perception of the state.
  • To understand various reforms designed by Raja Ram Mohan Ray.
  • To deep analyze the ideology of Rama Bhais gender theories.
  • To learn the realistic ideas of Dadabhai Nouroji regarding poverty.
  • To approaches ideas of different national leaders on different issues of India.

III Year        V Semester                             Paper – VI: Western Political Thought

  • To understand different concepts likeDemocracy, Justice, Citizenship with help of ideology of Plato and Aristotle.
  • To understand the medieval and modern thoughts.
  • To gain the knowledge of political ideas of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Rousseau.
  • To understand the theories of utilitarianism propounded by Jeremy Bentham and ideas of J.S.Mill.
  • To understand Hegel’s perception on freedom, civil society and state.
  • To thoroughly understand the theories of Karl Marx.

III Year        VI Semester                           Paper – VII: Principles of Public Administration

  • To understand the meaning, nature, scope and importance of Public Administration.
  • To gain the knowledge of factors which different public and private administration.
  • To achieve knowledge Elton Mayo’s Human Relation Theories and decision making theories of Simon.
  • To understand concepts like hierarchy, span of control and leadership.
  • To gain the knowledge of the structure of organization.
  • To understand the different theories of Abraham Maslow
  • To appreciate the theories of X and Y by Douglas MC Gegor.

III Year        VI Semester      Paper – VIII: Comparative constitutionalism U K USA (Cluster Elective)

  • To understand the Constitutionalism of UK, USA.
  • To analyze comparative study Legislature f UK USA.
  • To know the executive structure of UK USA.
  • To know about comparative analysis of judiciary of U K,

III Year        VI Semester      Paper – IX: Human Rights in comparative perspective (Cluster Elective)

  • To have an idea on human rights Student is able to understand universal declaration of human
  • To know about discrimination based on birth USA,
  • To have an idea on Amnesty International.

III Year        VI Semester      Paper – X: Political Sociology          (Cluster Elective)

  • To have more idea on political modernization.
  • To know about political culture.
  • To have an idea on political socialization and agencies of socialization family media education.
  • To have knowledge on political.