About Vision & Mission

Our Vision

SDGS College in Hindupur was started with a vision “Higher Education for all”. SDGS College as the proverb goes “End of Education is character” our visionaries have thought by providing higher education to the youth of this back ward area we can lift their life standard of living and also mould their characters to be the responsible citizens to face any challenges in all walks of life.

Our Mission

“Upliftment of Rural and Suburban Areas” is the mission of the college and also to create, empower, scholastic men and women leaders who are resourceful, service oriented, dedicated in their chosen careers and fields through quality education practices thereby becoming assets to the nation and fulfill the social needs and national development.

Our Motto

The Motto of the college is "social revival through education". The success of the institute in its Motto is exemplified through the wide range of alumni settled in top most ranks, hailing from a humble background.